Rob Adams, of Glenbrook Plumbing Services, was nervous when his accountant retired … and rightly so. He’d been in business since 1985 and has been a plumber since 1971 … so he’s seen his fair share of accountants, good and bad.

Glenbrook Plumbing

“We had been burned by accountants over the years … we wanted to make sure our next choice was the right one.

My sister had been using Michael for her business accountancy, so after looking at a few other options we felt Michael was the right fit for our business.”

Balance Sheet

A new breed of accountants

Although anxious initially, Rob was excited to find out exactly what this new breed of accountants could do for his business.

“Michael’s ability to become an active part of my business made the transition very smooth.”

Because ATB specialises in proactive business partnerships and becoming an integral part of their client’s business, it’s no surprise to find that Rob has completely changed his mind about proactive accounting.

“Today I am in better control of my business … Xero is just so easy!”

Working towards success

“ATB handles all my business affairs. The end of year financials, BAS reporting, bookkeeping, business advisory needs like lease advice and loans.

We meet whenever we need to, but most of our business is done remotely.

Their knowledge and experience are fantastic – I can’t fault them.”

Working towards success
Soaring High in the Clouds

And soaring high in the clouds …

It’s no secret ATB are specialists and leaders in cloud-based accounting services, so it seemed an obvious move to encourage (and encourage, and encourage) Rob to make some changes to his accounting system.

Michael had tried on numerous occasions to get me to move over to Xero. I kept telling him to go away, we were happy with MYOB. One day he cornered me, showed me a few things and I reluctantly said I’d give it a go and I’m so glad we did. The whole process was initially quite nerve wracking but ended up being handled smoothly and efficiently. My wife and I are both trained up, and I can now invoice on the job, and I know what is being invoiced is correct. My wife has now moved back into full time work and is delighted she doesn’t have Glenbrook Plumbing bookkeeping to do anymore!”

He even manages the payroll for his three employees – and all their leave requests. Some might call that a marriage saver!

A plan for the future

Because Rob has been in business for over 30 years, a business structure needed to be put into place that would secure the years Rob had left in the business. That meant downsizing, but downsizing without losing profit. He needed to work smarter, not harder.

And that’s where ATB played an integral part. They structured a business plan which involved changing the specialist area and limiting the kinds of jobs Glenbrook Plumbing would do – in other words, working smarter for profit.

And that’s just the way Rob likes it.

A Plan for the Future

“Today I am in better control of my business than ever before.”

…Kind of like teaching an old dog new tricks

Rob values the support and certainty that ATB has given him and loves the fact that even after over 30 years in business, he is still learning.

And we love his motto … ‘a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.’

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