MAX International provides solutions for your transaction record needs or problems – think ATM receipts, POS rolls, boarding passes or gaming rolls. The company is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is a pretty long way from Parramatta …

But that is exactly where Managing Director Mike Vigunas gets trustworthy, proactive accounting services for the Australian arm of his business.

Max International

Innovative solutions on the path to Australia

MAX International got into that market because of a little company called McDonalds.

They needed an innovative solution to get their receipts to stick to the bag, so in 2005, Mike decided to give it a shot.

It was a good niche market, and working with Epsom and other printer manufacturers, they worked on specifications and certification.

Then McDonalds opened in Europe with the ‘Made for You’ range and again needed a smart solution to identify bespoke burger orders.

So that pathway led Mike first to Europe and the UK and then to Australia.

Local expertise

In order to embark upon doing business in Australia, MAX International was going to need local accounting and tax expertise to guide them through the unknown.

They had already navigated their way through the European regulatory system and it had not been easy.

Part of their logistics in Australia saw MAX International using a UPS warehouse in Botany. It was through a mutual and trusted connection at UPS that Mike was made aware of the accounts at ATB Partners, who they had used for professional services.

MAX International had no previous presence in Australia as a US company and were not familiar with the law or accounting requirements.

A confident partnership

Mike met with ATB partner Michael Mekhitarian initially at the UPS office and immediately felt very comfortable with him – their partnership grew from there. Michael listened to Mike’s needs and gave Mike the confidence he needed to put faith in ATB to set them up in business. They began the process last year – Michael helped MAX International to become a ‘non-resident’ company and he helped them navigate setting up their ABN as an Australian based corporation.

Michael was always upfront about what the process would involve. He also assisted in setting up an Australian bank account and acted on their behalf locally when distance and time necessitated – “Michael made it really simple for us.”

Accounting services made simple

Accounting services made simple

ATB business accountants file GST for MAX International regularly and always approach statutory requirements proactively. Complicated corporate tax returns are made simple by Michael’s approach, and any issues are flagged and dealt with if they arise.

Mike also receives great service from the rest of the accounting team at ATB; they always understand the questions he’s asking.

This is a blessing when faced with the tyranny of distance. Having accountants with local knowledge to take care of red tape is invaluable. And a partnership with business accountants he can trust has taken the pressure off Mike, allowing him to get on with business on his bi-annual trips down under. Michael has assisted with other business referrals and they have developed a close relationship.

“I am really pleased. With ATB we have had a great experience, especially compared to navigating European red tape. This has been really seamless.”

Ongoing strategic advice

The next step for Mike and ATB outside of general accounting is to ensure MAX International remains legally compliant and to work with Michael on business strategy in the local market.

Michael guides Mike on the differences in the market, currency and trade regulations. He knows the local players in a way that he can define market opportunities. Doing business in Australia is made simple with the accountants at ATB Partners.

Accounting strategic advice

An end to end service

“For a US (or any other country) based company needing this type of service and a recommendation where you have to trust someone, I would recommend ATB. If you need accounting services, you want to get hold of these guys, they will help you with the whole process.”

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